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Funded Donation for the AirKules Rescue Balloon

A project from Humanitarian Logistics Organisation e.V. (HLO)
in Hamburg, Germany

Innovation in disaster relief - Planned deployment of the AirKules rescue balloon by the Humanitarian Logistics Organization (HLO)

Z. Ghanemi
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About this project

Help us to make disaster relief easier!

The news about disasters all around the world do not stop: earthquake in Nepal, flooding in Pakistan, typhoon in the Philippines. And always it seems to hit those who already have almost nothing. Without external help such catastrophes could not be overcome. But help must be quickly on the spot, every minute can decide about a human life. However, when roads, bridges and other accesses are destroyed, this is anything but easy. Usually only helicopters are able to carry out first aid and immediate rescue operations. But helicopters are expensive and difficult to find especially in developing countries. AirKules offers an inexpensive and handy alternative, an innovative balloon crane. It consists of a gas balloon with a diameter of 10m and portable winches. The AirKules is easy to transport and can be used immediately. Now it's time to put him into action. Please help us!

Most relief organizations cannot afford their own AirKules. Therefore, we from HLO would like to buy an AirKules to provide it worldwide to European and international NGOs as well as crash crews and posses for assistance in difficult areas. So far we have collected 63,000 euros and already could buy the balloon itself. But we still lack more than 30,000 euros to be able to finance the portable winches. For this technology to be used in the future, we need your donations.

Help us to put the AirKules into operation, thereby revolutionizing disaster relief and helping people in need!

You can find up-to-date information and pictures of the already purchased balloon here:

The HLO is a non-profit organization that helps relief organizations with all aspects of logistics, acting as mediators between the actors of humanitarian aid.
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