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Closed Help us help the wildlife: We need a transporter!

We are a young non-profit organization caring for injured and orphaned wild animals. We are driving many kilometers per month to help them. But we need a transporter. Right now, there is a great offer, but we even cannot afford this. Please help us!

Nomi M. from Natur-, Arten, Tierschutz und Renaturierung e.V.Write a message

We are a young non-profit organization that is committed to helping wild animals and to preserve their natural environment. Since March 2016, we have helped over 400 injured or orphaned wild animals.

Unfortunately, vet visits, food and medicine for the animals we care for produce high costs. But our highest expenses are for fuel. We operate in the region around Tübingen, Reutlingen, Esslingen, Böblingen and Stuttgart. Now and then we also get calls from Freiburg, Ludwigsburg or Bavaria. This means driving many many kilometers per month with our private cars. Those are not ideal in many ways, being two compact cars and just one station waggon all running on gasoline. Oftentimes they do not provide enough space to carry all the equipment needed or to carry all affected animals at once. So we end up borrowing bigger cars from other animal protection organizations or driving twice.

Fortunately, one of our cooperating animal protection organization is offering us their VW Caddy, that they don't need anymore. The car would provide lots of space for equipment and transport boxes and is good condition from a technical point of view. From the outside it doesn't exactly convey the impression of a new car, but with its 170.000km driven so far it doesn't have to!
Another advantage is that it runs on diesel, which is more suitable for our long-distance tours.

Unfortunately, tax and insurance also need to be paid right when we get the car. So we hope to also receive them via this campaign.

In a last step, we dream of delivering a professional impression by printing/c
glueing our logo and our contact details on the car. This would also increase our publicity.

We would like to thank all those who have taken the time to read all this text and we cannot find the words how grateful we would be for donations, no matter how big or small.

With a lot of passion for the wildlife
in the name of our entire team
Nomi Meixner

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