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Closed Education vs. arranged marriage

Arranged marriage

Anja D. from VIA e.V.Write a message

Who is it about:
It is about Pendo. She would like to get her bachelor degree in Business Administration.
The lack of support. Her roots are in the ethnic group of Massai, that means she grew up in a culture where girls are more or less not supported in education.
Financal support to continue her studies.
What I can promise:
I am travelling regularly to Tanzania and I am also in contact with German volunteers on the spot. They are helping me for example to hand over the money to Pendo. Thus I can assure that she gets all of the donated money. In the Gallery you can find the receipts of the first semester

I volunteered working for one year in an Orphanage that also takes in vulnerable children. This NGO is called Watoto Wetu Tanzania - almost every child has its own donor. There I got to meet and know Pendo. 

Pendo's story:
Her mother separated from her husband a few years ago. She was one among six of his wives. After divorce, Pendo's father made it clear that he would never support her or her two siblings again. Her mother had to take all responsibility on her own.
This is a common backwardness in the culture of the Masai people. After divorce the family head does not take any financial responsibility for the children and even though divorce is not as common, it happens a few times.

Some day when Pendo was 17 years her father wanted to marry her off to a man in his seventies, old enough to be her grandfather. Luckily Pendo managed to escape into our Center Watoto Wetu Tanzania and found shelter.

Now her father still has much influence and still he rather wants to see her married than having education. The only solution for her was and is education, to go to school or University in order to get deep knowledge to create her own life and become independent. 

I already funded her first semester at Mzumbe University in Morogoro from my money put aside and money I earned through my work as waitress. But the fact that I am also going to University soon, makes it impossible for me to pay the rest of her fees by myself. This is why I would like to beg everyone out there to donate whatever amount you can support to Pendo to bring her one step closer to her dreams! I am greatful for any donation!

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