Closed Mercy Children's Hospital Needs a Plot of Land

An aid project by Mercy and Luben K. in Tiruvannamalai, near Ammayee Hotel, India

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Mercy and Luben K. (Project Manager)

Mercy and Luben K.
…Free medicare
…competent doctors
…24 hours per day …for every child in Tiruvannamalai!

MERCY CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL will turn this vision into reality. But first, we need a PLOT OF LAND.

By now, the Government General Hospital in Tiruvannamalai is due to the fact that it is the only institution with free medicare in the entire area, permanently overcrowded and barely able to give every patient the appropriate time and attention and private hospitals charge their patients with fees that are unaffordable for poor Dalit families.

MERCY CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL wants to give every child in Tiruvannamalai an affordable and competent medical treatment. But before we can erect the hospital,


As persons responsible for this project, me and my wife Mercy have devoted our lifes to Dalit children Welfare since many years.

In 2002 we founded the orphanage Mercy Home Trust for Dalit children, in which 60 kids are provided with healthy food, clean clothes and qualified education, every day. Over the years, we could add a tailoring school and a computer centre to give drop - out girls and Dalit widows of the surrounding villages a genuine perspective on a real job.

Now we are looking for support in our new project for MERCY CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.

Please become a sponsor and support us in raising money for the ground, on which the hospital can be erected!

Our F.C.R.A. number is 076010087 (Foreign contribution Regulation Act)

For more information see
1) a documentary about Mercy Home:!
2) our homepage:
3) the homepage of our supporters in the Netherlands:

More information:

Location: Tiruvannamalai, near Ammayee Hotel, India

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