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Förderkreis Bonn e.V. -We help children with cancer. Please help us.

A project from Förderkreis für krebskranke Kinder Bonn e.V.
in Bonn, Germany

We are a non profit organisation that helps children diagnosed with cancer and their families - a fate that should never happen to any family! We help efficiently since 1983. Please help us fulfill this task.

M. Ates
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About this project

We listen. We understand. We help

We are parents who are united by the dreadful disease : cancer in childhood – which affected our children - a fate that should never happen to any family!
In order to help efficiently, we founded in 1983 the non-profit organization “Förderkreis für krebskranke Kinder und Jugendliche, Bonn e.V.” a support group for children and adolescents with cancer. From the very beginning our aims were to improve the clinical situation and support for affected families. We soon realized that this help was urgently deeded.
Meanwhile, we are a large group of volunteers, donors, physicians and other medical as well psychosocial staff within the University Children’s Hospital in Bonn and as well as in our Parent-House, who are consistently involved in supporting cancer sick children and their families.
Much could be improved throughout the years, but still up to now the cancer therapy is a huge and hardly tolerable burden for the entire family which needs a lot of support. Cancer is a severe and frightening disease. Families should not be left alone under such circumstances.
Our help starts with the day of diagnosis and continues as long as needed – throughout the treatment and beyond. We are able to take many burdens from the families by providing information, psychosocial and financial support, living quarters for the parents in close neighborhood to the clinic, care for siblings and any kind of help deeded.
During their therapy, children need support to minimize all the side effects. We are providing childcare, play therapy, fun and games (whenever possible), and integrate the entire family. And we know from our own experiences how important this kind of help is especially in cases where cure is not possible.
Our help is real, non-bureaucratic and fast. Every smile of a child, every thank-you from their parents motivates us to challenge the impossible and to make it possible.