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Closed Chaithanya Mahila Mandali: Computer Science at village schools

Hyderabad, India

I lived in Hyderabad, India for 10 months where I gave Computer and English classes. Please help me and the DIZ e.V continue this program by becoming a sponsor!

Sybille Franck from Deutsch-Indische Zusammenarbeit e. V.
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Chaithanya Mahila Mandali - Light in the dark for women

My name is Katie and this past year I spent 10 months with the NGO Chaithanya Mahila Mandali in Hyderabad India. It is thanks to Weltwärts and the Deutsch-Indische Zusammenarbeit e.V. (DIZ) that I have had this wonderful experience. The DIZ e.V. not only organizes volunteer programs, they also pay 25% of all costs. Without help to finance this percentage they would not be able to offer these learning possibilities to young people.

My Story:

Last year I finished my bachelor in Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich. Leading up to my graduation I spent a lot of time thinking about my next step. Should I continue with my master or get a job. I ended up choosing neither as I found myself drawn towards the idea of a social service.
Previously, I had considered it many times and often found myself going through Weltwärts' projects, imagining what it would be like working and living abroad. 
During my studies I sometimes had a hard time and I would wish for someone who could help me with my questions and my insecurities. Over time I began thinking about sharing some of my experiences in hopes of encouraging others to approach IT. I imagined how I would make it easier and more playful for younger people since in the future they will most likely need basic knowledge in IT no matter what they do.
I found my perfect project and I decided that if I didn't do it now I probably never would.

In Hyderabad:
In my 10 months in Hyderabad I became part of the Chaithanya Happy Home family and the girls challenged me to give them the best I had to offer; they do not settle for less and are very good at getting what they need. 
On week days I helped them with their homework. On Sundays (the weekend day) I gave computer classes, rotating through the 3 groups sorted by age and skill. Of course there was always some time in between all the classes for goofing around and sometimes we would reserve entire days for special creative projects like tie-dye and painting. During the long vacation I gave computer classes every afternoon while the mornings were reserved for classes for girls from an urban slum in Secunderabad. 
For all children, my focus in computer class was to make them comfortable with using a computer. As a part of that we used MS Office products to make presentations, and write stories. Two of their favourite exercises were 10 finger typing games and programming games on
By the end of my stay all children loved using computers and were quite good at navigating them.

Please help me and the DIZ e.V continue this program by becoming a sponsor!

1 x Day: 6,67 €
1 x Week: 40,0 €
1 x Month: 200,0 €
My goal is to raise a total of 10 x 200 € = 2000 €

If you donate for a week or more I would like to thank you with a little something (e.g. illustrations, post cards!). 

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