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Funded Hydroélectricité Idjwi - opportunities through hydropower

With a hydropower station, we want to install a stand-alone supply for a village community on Idjwi in the east of DR Congo. The cost-effective alternative to uneconomic diesel generators shall contribute to the development of the village community.

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You can follow the latest developments of our project on our website:
Our actions and their impact are more defining than ever in this globalized world. To enable the worldwide community to live together peacefully, we believe in the need to form an international community based on solidarity, mutual respect, responsibility and understanding.

Our Goal
By working with our international project partners, we aim at an intercultural exchange at eye level. Our work, paired with the engagement of the local people, opens possibilities for personal development and an improvement in living conditions for the local people. In Germany, we sensitize our members to the unequal distribution of privilege and the mutual interdependencies that exist in our world.

Our path
On the north side of the island of Idjwi in eastern Congo, we are planning, with our project partners, to extend an existing hydroelectric power station in order to expand the local power supply. By offering an affordable access to electrical power, we aim to strengthen the economical and social development of the region.

Your Support
Your donation will help to provide a long-term electricity supply for the region of northern Idjwi. Your donation goes directly towards the project, for example in the installation of poles or purchase of tools.

Our progress:
During our three preparatory trips in 2017 we gained new insights into the needs and aspirations of the local village community. Together with our project partners we developed a concept to ensure the successful and sustainable operation of the plant. We are currently working on the final plans for the first construction phase. These include, amongst others, the conception of the power transmission and the modification of the hydroelectric power station. In addition, we regularly review our development policy. In order to keep the focus on the impact of our project, we developed a strategy to understand the effect of our actions and are actively collecting indicators that allow us to measure success.

Our Next Steps
In the fall of 2018 we want to begin the initial construction phase. It includes the modification of the currently existing, approximately one kilometer long, low-voltage line that connects the hydroelectric power station to the industrial campus. In addition, the recently built turbine house will be activated and connected to the power grid. Thereafter, enough electrical power will be available for most of the year to reliably supply many consumers inside the industrial campus. This will significantly improve the current situation for the companies that produce, among other things, juices, soaps, coffee and sunflower oil.