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Closed Ministry Van for Pais Kenya

Support this fundraiser to buy a van for the Christian organization Pais Kenya. Become part of a new generation of change in Kenya. Each donated money is valuable and important to continue to let God's kingdom grow in Kenya.

A. Springhut from Jesus-Initiative e.V.Write a message

PLEASE Support this fundraising project for a ministry van for the Christian organization Pais Kenya!

What is "Pais"?
Pais is an international Christian organization that works with many organizations and communities of different denominations. Pais exists to spark a global movement where the saints’ primary concern is the Kingdom of God and they are equipped to advance it in their world. Therefore Pais sends volunteers to local schools and churches. The volunteers work as a team with children and adolescents with the following three distinctive approaches: mission, discipleship and bible study. For more informations about Pais please visit:

Pais is currently working in 6 continents and 9 countries. This fundraiser project is especially for in Kenya. Armstrong Ochieng Okeyo and his wife Christine founded and direct the work of Pais Kenya since 2014.

Why this donation project?
I, Samuel Österle (21, youth pastor in training) visited in my summer holidays Pais Kenya. For one year I was blessed to work with Pais in the USA. Me and the national director of Pais Kenya Armstrong Ochieng Okemo visited all four Pais teams. His job is it to train and mentor the teams and to inspire new churches and schools for cooperation with Pais. Because of the challenging financial situation Armstrong and his wife Christine can not afford their own car. All other employees and team members do not have a car either. As we where traveling to visit the teams I realized how stressful and time consuming it is to constantly take the most overcrowded buses and walk to the final destination. Armstrong is dreaming of a van for Pais Kenya, which you can see on the picture. Not only to work even more quickly and effectively, but also to support the team.

Why do YOU need to help? And how?
Kenya struggels with many difficult problems. There are 42 tribes in Kenya. Many of them fight each other, especially when it comes to presidential elections. 2009, many people died due to this reason and also Armstrong and Christine were at risk, because they both belong to two feuding tribes. Through their marriage they testify that they do not want to be part of any tribe any longer. They are Christians and that identifies who they are. Furthermore, there are, especially among children and young people often problems such as drug abuse, child labor and prostitution. But there is hope for this country: the saving, healing and life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Pais Kenya sees it as its mission that this message will spread the whole country to see a new generation growing up. A generation of change in Kenya.
YOU can be part of that mission by supporting this fundraiser project financially. Each donated money is important! Please share.