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MajiSwafi - Safe drinking water for the Siaya County in Kenya

Siaya Couny, Kenya

In the scope of "MajiSwafi" a water filter is developed for the Siaya County in Kenya that removes pathogens. At the same time, the filter is easy to build with locally available materials.

Jakob Schulze from Enactus Leibniz Universität Hannover e.V.
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„MajiSwafi“ is a non-commercial water project that aims at improved water safety in the Kenyan Siaya Couty through the use of filter systems. The water currently available to the public is contaminated with pathogens. In spring 2016 a severe cholera outbreak claimed many victims.

We conduct our project together with the local non-profit organization Tembea ( Its goal is the regional improvement of socio-economic factors and the quality of living. Tembea is committed to support the local development in the fields of environment and use of resources, human rights, and education.

Currently, Tembea is already conducting a water project itself. This action focuses on educational work in order to raise consciousness within the population regarding water contamination. This is where the Enactus team Hannover kicks in: In addition to the existing educational efforts we provide a technical solution to clean the water, thus improving its quality.

A frequent contact between Tembea and Enactus guarantees the consideration of accurate infrastructural information and water quality analyses. Furthermore, we will have permanent support during the final filter implementation stage in Kenya.

At the present stage we already conducted thorough research on filter systems as well as a subsequent evaluation. Taking factors such as filter quality and easy manufacturing into account we finally decided to design a two-step filter solution. In step 1, dirt particles are removed by a multi-layer filter (manufactured with local materials). In step 2, pathogens are eliminated through ultraviolet light from the sun. During the next few weeks various tests will be carried out to control the filter performance. If necessary, further modifications will be made.

To achieve successful progress and, eventually, support people in Siaya County sustainably we need support. As a voluntary student organization we rely on funding to cover costs for materials, analyses, project advertisement, and excursions. With your contribution you can support us in developing a proper water filter system. Help us improving the quality of live in Siaya. For further information please visit and

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