Funded Helping people to help themselves - with pigs and chickens!

An aid project by “Banyan Tree e.V.” (D. Angerer) in Battambang City, Cambodia

D. Angerer (Project Manager)

D. Angerer
Support rural Cambodian families in establishing a sustainable livelihood! Through trainings, workshops and continued assistance we want to help poor families to start their own chicken or pig breeding.

About one third of Cambodia's population still lives on less than one dollar a day! Especially in rural areas, extreme poverty is widespread. With your help, Banyan Tree e.V. wants to change that:

The project "Family Cambodian Active Rural Engagement" (CARE) supports poor families from the countryside by providing individual and sustainable assistance. Together, we make the first steps on the way to their own livestock farming operation.

As a start, we provide the families with either a piglet or seven hens and a cock. At the same time, we give a range of workshops that enable them to gain specialized knowledge and we also provide them with the necessary materials so they can build the stables and take care of the animals. Continued regular assistance by a competent trainer helps them to further improve their knowledge and skills.

Apart from that, we also provide seeds and tools such as shovels, watering cans and nets for defining the boundaries of their fields, which guarantees a more effective working process and makes the physically demanding labour easier for the families.

Eventually, the families learn to organize themselves and build their own sustainable livelihood with the starting capital we provide. In Cambodia, a pig, for example, is of considerable value, as it guarantees a steady income: each piglet can be sold for about 50 USD.

This scheme benefits the whole family, including its youngest members – in the long term, our program also makes it possible for the children to go to school. Our goal is to make ourselves redundant and to give the families and their kids a better outlook and an independent future.

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Location: Battambang City, Cambodia

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