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Closed FairWelcome e.V. - Jobs for Refugees in Berlin

FairWelcome is a non-profit organization in Berlin helping refugees to get a Job or an internship. We do Workshops to analyze our participants skills and potential and to find suitable work positions for them based on their wishes and qualifications

P. D. Afshar from FairWelcome e. V.Write a message

FairWelcome e.V. is a non-profit organization in Berlin. We help refugees to get a Job or an internship.

Refugees are often struggling to find Jobs or internships even if they are highly motivated and wish to work. A work Position would help them get integrated into Society and to improve their german skills. Our aim is to support refugees and migrants by finding suitable Jobs or interships for them.
We do Workshops to analyze our participants potential and skills. It is important for us to not only focus on the skills and qualifications but to also consider their wishes and help them getting orientation and find the type of field they would like to work in. We accompany the refugees in our program to their Job interviews and work places to make sure the contact between them and the companies goes well.

We started this voluntary project in summer 2015 and achieved a lot since then. But there still is a lot of work to do and as our association is growing and we constantly get more participants in our program we need to develop and we need more helpers and bigger rooms. So please help us getting some Money to be able to find a new work space so that we can support even more refugees getting a Job. Thank you!

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