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Help us to save the dogs in Greece!

A project from Help for Paws Stuttgart e.V.
in Stuttgart, Germany

The animal protection organisation Help for Paws Stuttgart e.V. helps needly strays in Greece. We aim at great locally castration campaigns and the installation of an animal shelter for those that can't be adopted. Help us to save the strays!

L. Weinmann
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About this project

Due to the economical und political tensions in Greece the situation for humans and therefore for the strays gets worse day-to-day. Messages about dogs being stricken dead or poisoned are increasingly accumulating. With your help we can improve that terrible situation!

Unitl now, just very few foreign volunteers und organisations acted successfully in Katerini and surroundings (North of Greece). The animal shelter of the city is in a bad condition and only rarely used. No one cares for the dogs. A majority of them was thrown on the street and died horrorfully.

Our organisation fights for an improvement of the living situation of the strays in the North of Greece and for powerful animal rights to protect those dogs. The murder of strays has to sanctioned severly. We have to put the local governments and communitys under pressure to end the suffering of the strays.

Our aim is to organise great castration campaigns with the communitys and the help of german and greek veterinarians. Furthermore, we want to build a new shelter for the animals that can't be adopted because of sickness, age, disability or their terrible experiences. Therefore we need a plot of land, for example an old ranch, that can be given away for free or buyed on good terms.

The project is on a good way and we work together successfully with animal rights acitivists in Katerini and its surroundings. The homeless dogs and cats need to be fed, castrated, provided with medical care and eventually adopted.

Up to now we saved the lives of hundreds of animals by feeding them, taking care of them and giving them a new home.
Of course we can't reach those aims without donations. We deeply depend on the help of other animal lovers who care, and are thankful for every donation in the name of the animals and their savers.

Kind regards,

The team of Help for Paws Stuttgart e.V.