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A project from Donatenjoy gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
in Ibagué, Colombia

Ibagué in Colombia was freed from the FARC guerillas. What remains are people living in poverty without a prospect for the future. Let´s make sure that the peace sustains.

C. Gliesing
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For the last 50 years, an armed conflict prevailed between the FARC rebels and the Colombian government. The FARC guerilla tried with violent means to dictate to the Colombian government their Marxist ideology. In this course, violent conflicts between the FARC and the Colombian military regularly occurred. Particularly civilians who lived in the affected regions suffered the most.

One of the affected regions was Tolima, in the heart of Colombia. There, the rural population was displaced and dispossessed in a very brutal way. Kidnapping, homicide and torture were daily business in these regions. The victims of violence were forced to move into the nearby cities and villages. As the cities and villages were also occupied by the FARC, there was no possibility for the Colombian government to support and develop these places. This led to a situation where the affected people had to live in settlements of the suburbs in extreme poverty without any prospect of education, work or a secured future. This lack of prospect chased many of the victims towards the FARC or drug cartels. An interruption of the spiral of violence could therefore not be expected.

On 22 June 2016, the armed truce between the Colombian government and the FARC was sealed. As a consequence, the FARC withdrew from the occupied territories. They left behind massively traumatized people and a very underdeveloped infrastructure in the affected regions.

DonateNjoy participates in the reconstruction and development of the affected regions in close collaboration with the Colombian government.

For this purpose, we particularly participate in the reconstruction of a school building for children and adolescents in Ibagué in the region Tolima. In order to finally interrupt the spiral of violence it is important to offer a real perspective for the younger generation. The previous spiral of violence, which kept alive the 50-year conflict, can only be interrupted permanently in this way.

You can make sure that the current peace endures permanently!

By re-constructing a school building in a suburb of Ibagué (see pictures) we can start this process together. The complete funding can be covered with only 3750€. These resources are required for the renovation of a dilapidated school building, as well as for learning material and teachers.

Please provide us with your support for a permanent peace in Colombia and a secure future for the children and adolescents.

Thank you very much for your support!