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Help for the Tibetan woman Khartok in Kathmandu

A project from Tibet Tshoesem e. V.
in Kathmandu, Nepal

help project for the sick Tibetan woman Khartok in Kathmandu. She is from Briddhim village in Rasuwa district in Northern Nepal and living with her family in Kathmandu.

Konny L.
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About this project

The Tibetan woman Khartok (her real Name is Karma) is 47 years old and is living with her family in Kathmandu. Actually she is from Briddhim village in Rasuwa district, Northern Nepal, close to the Tibetan border.
She is the sister of a friend who is living as a monk in the Tibetan Buddhist monastery Tse Chok Ling in Dharamsala, who had informed me about her desperate situation. A few days ago he received a cry for help from his sister, but neither he nor she has got any financial means. That is why I want to help.
Khartok is living with her 6 year old daughter and her husband in Kathmandu. The family circumstances are difficult. Her husband often leaves her alone and does not care for the family. So Khartok is mostly on her own and since she is having mobility problems since her childhood, she cannot work. The family is very poor and is dependent on help from others.
That’s the reason why this year I have taken the sponsorship for her little girl, so the child can get a school education, because the mother is unable to earn the school fees.

But now there is an emergency situation.
For 2 years Khartok has been suffering intestinal ulcer. Because of heavy bleeding she went through a medical check up lately and the doctors told her that she urgently needs to undergo a surgery. Otherwise the disease could become life-threatening. The problem is that Kartok – like most people in Nepal – has got no medical insurance and no means to finance the treatment.
Due to the loss of blood she is very weak now and needs infusions. Currently her brother is trying from afar to find someone who will take Khartok to the hospital and look after her. I am trying from here to raise the money for the treatment. The school fee for the daughter is now needed for the emergency surgery of the mother. This often happens in Nepal – when the parents get sick, the children mostly cannot go to school anymore. So this aid project will support the whole family.

For the surgery and the first medical treatment we need about 350 Euro (42.000 NPR). The surgery is urgent and cannot be delayed. 
In Nepal each year many people die of illnesses, because even quite simple surgery cannot be made on time or just because the patient does not have the money. We want to help Khartok to get well and to be able to look after her daughter again.
Please support this project and this Tibetan woman, Khartok, so she can get the needed surgery.