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Marrelous shall live

Landsberg am Lech, Germany

Esophageal atresia life saving surgery

J. Nkemeta from Keks e.V.
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After 8 long years of praying for a baby, my mommy gave birth to me. My name is Marrelous.
I was absolutely thrilled to finally meet mommy and daddy and see their happy faces on the day of my birth, the 4th of July 2016.

Unfortunately, the doctors discovered that my esophagus is not connected to my stomach, but is entangled with the trachea (my breathing pipe). At each feeding attempt I choked terribly- I suffer from a condition called esophageal atresia.

A feeding tube has been fitted into my stomach, and an incision made at my neck I would not starve or suffocate. As the medical system in Nigeria doesn't have the high standard required to successfully carry out the necessary surgery, my auntie and uncle have helped us to travel to Germany to try to save my life.

Sadly, the surgery needed is very expensive and we do not have enough money to cover the fees on our own.

If you would like to help me to live and grow up , my family and I would truly appreciate your prayers and any donation you may be able to make, even if tiny.

THANK YOU already for caring enough to find out about me! I hope one fine day I an actually meet you in person!

My auntie will be posting my updates here: