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MISSION LIFELINE Search and Rescue

Dresden, Germany

Mission lifeline aims at saving all people in distress at sea from death by drowning. Here we particularly focus on the maritime area, in which currently most people die worldwide – the central Mediterranean Sea.

A. Steier from MISSION LIFELINE e.V.
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The world is out of control.
There are 65 million people in ther world that are fleeing from war, persecution, expulsion, rape, torture and hunger. More than half of them are children and young people under 18. 42 million of them are IDPs that are looking for a place of safety in their own country. Around 18 million have seeked refuge in regions close to their countries’ border in UNHCR camps under conditions that are most of the times considered as inhumane. In comparison, the number of asylum seekers in the 28 EU countries is only 1.5%.

Europe is building more and more fences to protect its wealth. The migrants are forced to climb onto unseaworthy boats to cross the Mediterranean Sea. There is a lack of legal ways to bring their own, and their children’s lives to a place of safety?

We claim that these people have the right to survive. No person deserves to die from thirst in the desert or to drown at sea.

Our aim is to rescue all persons from distress at sea and to prevent them from drowning and dying.
We focus our action on the sea, where the number of deaths is the most concentrated in the world, the central Mediterranean. With our rescue ship we will support ongoing SAR operations offshore Libya. We cooperate with other SAR organisations to effectively rescue people from distress. Every day people dare to take the dangerous crossing in unseaworthy rubber boats. We will not turn a blind eye on the massgrave that the med. has become, along as our states have not found a political and human centered response to the ongoing crises. For this reason we are counting on your human contribution to donate to our mission.

Or rescue ship can only take off if MISSION LIFELINE receives enough donations! Even 5€ is an important contribution!

Our crews are made up of experienced yachtsmen, medics and mechanics. They all volunteer in their spare time on rescue missions! Journalists that would like to report on our missions are also welcome to join our crews. 
Would you have any question, feel free to contact us at: