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The collectively supported Retreat/Seminar House "QUECKE" in Brandenburg (Berlin) is a selforganized Space mainly by people from queer feminist contexts.QUECKE is a place where groups can organise politically and culturally and re_create.

a. gross from Kubib e.V.Write a message

In Brandenburg, just an hour from Berlin, a collective Seminar/Retreat house has been set-up on the grounds of „QUECKE“ queer project.
Situated on spacious grounds with several buildings, it´s an independently run space -mostly by people from queer & feminist circles, either based at Quecke or part of a support/solidarity network.
All the groups and individuals participating in the space have a strong sense of prevailing repressive structures in society, and are linked to emancipatory movements. We want to send a signal against
racism and xenophobia in rural areas, and provide a contact point for befriended people who escaped and or moved from other countries and who live not far away in refugee-allocated accomodation.
The seminar/retreat-house is focused on being open for people who are affected by discrimination, and all who wish to come together to engage politically or culturally:
A place for workshops, seminars, content related work or just for recreaton.
The seminar house is being built to be wheelchair accessible.

5 years ago the retreat-house was bought and then renovated. This work is about to be ratified which means it can become a public space legally in terms of health and safety.
Thanks to all those supporters who have invested their energy and passion to take the space this far! The next step is to make sure that the house can exist sustainably.
If this step does not happen, the existence of the project as a feminist and discrimination-aware place is in danger.
We need your donations to make the Quecke retreat house happen!
The money is going directly to work that is needed to...
...obtian the construction certification, to make the building publicly accessible make the building as wheelchair accessible as possible

The construction costs consist of fire regualtions that are needed and measures for more accessibility, in total that amounts to € 25,000.
15.000, - € for the fire prevention measures:
Smoke Detectors, Fire safety doors, Fire safety cuffs for pipes, Fire safety ceiling in the
stairwell, Fire Safety floor coating
10,000 € to make the building as accessible as possible for rollable
access (ramps for house and site)

What has been realized already:
2 wheelchair accessible bathrooms
700sqm renovated rooms (4 bedrooms, lounge, conference room, exercise
room, meeting room - wooden floors, cork, heaters repaired and
painted, installed power, painted walls, ...)
self-catering kitchen
Wooden terrace in front of the house
Rolli ramp at the main entrance