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Closed Donate for a decent Skatepark in Saarbrücken!

The Saar Skateboarding e.V. is collecting donations for the construction of a new and modern skatepark in the Bürgerpark of Saarbrücken.

L. Junk from Saar Skateboarding e.V.Write a message

We, the Saar Skateboarding e.V., have been in contact with the city of Saarbrücken since several years in order to build a new concrete skatepark in the bürgerpark in the heart of Saarbrücken.

At the moment, there is an old halfpipe and several concrete ramps on old and porous asphalt, which is hardly ridable. A new facility is strongly wished by the local skate scene since there are no opportunities in the city region of Saarbrücken. Furthermore it would be a great vitalisation for the Bürgerpark, thus an enrichment for both St. Johann and Malstatt. 

At the moment the costs for building the skatepark are covered. But new problems arose: 
- There are lizards around the area, which need to be collected and relocated.
- The ground is contaminated with PAHs and thus has to be disposed seperately.
We currently need 25 000 € more than previously thought.

Therefore, we want to ask you or your organization to donate to this project. The more money we can gather, the bigger and more appealing we can design the skatepark. So every donation will be a big help for the construction of a new skatepark.

Donations of items for construction or e.g. concrete are also welcome.

We are almost there! Please help us reach our goal!