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Closed <Unraveling the NSU Complex> TRIBUNAL <NSU-Kompleksi dağıtılsın>

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<Unraveling the NSU Complex>TRIBUNAL <NSU-Kompleksi dağıtılsın>

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The tribunal ‘Unraveling the NSU Complex’ will take place from May 17-21 in Cologne. Your donations can help with the preparatory work!

The tribunal is working for a democratic and cosmopolitan society fundamentally based in the right to rights It is challenging the state-supported social ignorance that makes racist activity possible. For the series of murders and attacks that the so-called National Socialist Underground (NSU) carried out between 1999 and 2011 still remain unresolved. Neither the trial in Munich nor the numerous parliamentary investigative committees have shed any definitive light on the network surrounding the NSU nor on the involvement of the domestic secret service and other state agents. The tribunal will therefore aim at indicting both racist structures as well as the individual perpetrators.

As our main witnesses we are calling on those most affected by NSU terror and racism – people who live in Germany, work here, who have raised their children here. They are the protagonists of what we call the ‘situated knowledge gained from migration.’ They are the actors in a history of migration. Without migration there is no society. Recognizing this means investing in a democratic and cosmopolitan society.

The structure of the tribunal relies on the active participation of those present, on listening and collective understanding, for instance in cafés for discussion, tours of local neighborhoods, exhibitions, podium discussions, and film screenings.

The tribunal ‘Unraveling the NSU Complex’ will take place at Carlswerk, the current venue for the theater ‘Schauspiel Köln’, directly adjacent to Keupstrasse. The Felten & Guilleaume Carlswerk Company exploited people as forced laborers in Nazi Germany. 60 years later, the NSU carried out a targeted attack on the Keupstrasse in Cologne as a flourishing center of Turkish-Kurdish social life – and committed murderous violence against the members of an established migrant community. More than 20 people were wounded in the attack, some seriously. For many years thereafter they constantly had to struggle against racist investigative methods and racist media reporting.

Enormous harm has been done to the of the victims of the NSU’s murderous activities, their families, and the friends that shared their lives. In the years following the murders and the attacks, the survivors and their families constantly had to struggle against attempts by the investigating police officers, as well as those of numerous journalists, to turn them from victims into perpetrators.. Thus, the harm to the survivors was made worse by racially motivated arrogance, ignorance, and lack of empathy.

The tribunal in Cologne-Mühlheim is being organized by initiatives and individual persons in solidarity with those affected by the series of NSU murders and attacks.

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