Closed Feeding the Unfortunate Children of Hagnaya

An aid project by “HAGNAYA H.C.D. Project” (K. Jacobs) in Cebu, Philippines

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K. Jacobs (Project Manager)

K. Jacobs

To help Hagnaya's community rise towards better times and to reward every individual for never giving up hope, we have to provide the children with the food supply they are entitled to. Too many children are searching for food, in vain, on a daily base. Our weekly activity on the move: "Feeding the Unfortunate Children of Hagnaya" created by Ate Lilibeth Cabahug, launched on Sunday, September 19th, 2010. It's sponsored by goodhearted people and organizations who share our vision of a brighter future for Hagnaya's children.

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Location: Cebu, Philippines

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  • Uploaded at 05-08-2011