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Construction of a small pet friendly private shelters for 45 dogs

Construction of a small pet friendly private shelters for 45 dogs

M. Joppich from Animal Heaven e.V.Write a message

Many dogs still undergo hell before they often die a painful death, whether alone on the street or in one of many public shelters all across the country. The conditions are disastrous - too often even the substantially is lacking - food ...
Our private welfarists in place suffer greatly and help the animals as good as possible. Our friendly and personally known animal rights activist Cristina Kasler has built a few emergency kennels because of necessity, which can not be a permanent solution and are not suitable for winter time. She could build her own little private shelter on an own peace of ground provided by her father in law and her aunt. A shelter where the animals are treated like friends, will be busy with them, medical treatment will be given, were they will be vaccinated and neutered and prepared for a possible adoption.
This little Shelter shall consist of fixed structures, each with a private outdoor area, but a large play area for all with trees and play equipment.
Therefore we need financial support because our association is unfortunately too small so that we can’t achieve this by ourself.
Please take a look to the layout and the charges. It would be nice if you would support us to help.
We support the construction and give information about the progress on our Facbook page, in our Facebook group as well as on our website.
Helping hands are also welcome.
We are able to give you a donation aquittance because we are a registered charitable organization. In this case please write us directly.
A Thank which comes from heart in the name of the dogs

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