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Bhutan Monk Project for the benefit of children, monks and nuns in Bhutan

Thimphu, Bhutan

German charity organisation to support the children, especially the monks and nuns in the buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan

S. Habersatter from Bhutan Monk Project e.v.
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to give you all some more information on our activities:

Bhutan Monk Project was started by a bhutanese and german Couple together with close friends. We are an official German charity association and our work has three main pillars:
1. Support in materialistic sense: clothes, food, mattresses, beds, blankets, shoes, robes.. whatever is needed in the monasteries and nunneries.

2. medical support and medical education
checks up and medical support in small monasteries, where public health care is not easily available. Basis trainings on hygienic standards, first aid, dental care. Our Doctors are traveling to Bhutan and offering their time and expertise for free. Their travel costs are paid by private persons.

3. teachers trainings
European teachers train teachers and monks wherever more knowledge or support is needed, for example in English language skills

this all is meant to become a long term project and support. We start step by step, learning from our bhutanese Partners and adjusting our support to their needs.

HOW WE WORK.. is with local partners.. being western people we respect that coming from the outside we might not understand the needs and cultural setting properly. So compassion without wisdom might cause more trouble than it brings benefit. For this reason we work with local partners, mainly Lamas, Khenpos and Rinpoches. With their help we identify a few monasteries and nunneries we can start with immediately. The Rinpoche visits the places, most of them far away from tourist routes and with bad infrastructure. With the resident lama and the monks he analyses what is needed most. Following his suggestions we arrange for the needed goods to be bought and pay the bills. So in general we do not just send money but we identify what it will be used for. Being in Bhutan many times a year, we go to those holy places, talk to the people concerned and watch the results. After an evaluation with the locals we start the next support. Our goal is to build reliable and sustainable relations with the supported monks and nuns.
One of our Partners is the Bhutan Youth Development Fund of Her Majesty Queen Mother Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck. Here we support with close cooperation - for example in the International Advisory Council, as well as with financial support for special projects.

Every donor can of course come to the monasteries and get into touch with the people on the spot, seeing the results of his donations! Please contact us if you have any questions!

by the way.. all money collected is used ONLY for the monks and nuns and their projects. All administration, travels, marketing, whatever costs are payed voluntarily by private persons who support Bhutan Monk Project. So you can be certain - and we can proof - that your support goes where it is supposed to go ....