Closed Empowering rural communities to survive

An aid project by “Fundación SENTIR” (M. LLANO SERNA) in Medellin, Colombia

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M. LLANO SERNA (Project Manager)

Rural communities lives by the most wonderful places over earth all over the planet. How ever they have problems to survive and news way of development left them behind a real development to be able to live in the places they have grown up.

Through different alternatives such as geo tourism we have been able to empower communities to keep up with new ways to survive. They are being able to know their territories, guiding people, cooking but mainly protecting natures an their resources while they do another things which they also enjoy the most.

We work with more than 100 rural people empowering them to protect their land, their customs, their identity and getting their dreams out to go for them. We empower them to use internet and specially web 2.0 to promote their lands, to connect to the world.

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Location: Medellin, Colombia

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  • Uploaded at 29-09-2010