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Sea rescue with Sea-Eye II - We need a new rescue ship

We will no longer be prevented from saving, while more and more people are drowning in the Mediterranean. We will therefore send a new rescue vessel, the Sea-Eye 2, to the area of operation as soon as possible.

G. Isler from Sea-Eye e.V.Write a message

Let's start!

We will no longer accept that 3 Search and Rescue vessels and one SAR airplane in Malta are prevented from leaving while more and more human beings are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.
We will no longer accept being stopped from rescuing. Therfore we will send a new vessel, the Sea-Eye 2, to the SAR Zone as soon as possible.

In the last weeks we were highly involved in red tape by bureucrats. We have talked to lawyers, offices, captains, ship owners and politicians to find and work out a solution. But still, the NGO's are under attack at all levels - structurally and by the media. This costs a lot of power and time. Time we should invest in the rescue. 629 drown people just in June 2018 - not least Josephine from Cameroon - show why Sea-Eye has to proceed with courage, firm determination and full power.

It is about saving human lives!
Josephine from Cameroon would not live anymore if the vessel Open Arms had not been in the SAR Zone.

It needs Aid Organisations because no one else actively fights for lives.

We want to charter or buy a rescue vessel and we want it NOW! It is all about sending an ambulance to the accident site as soon and savely as possible. Stop the discussions about flags, ships, captains and borders!
We have not built up this registered association to wage the red tap, but we have founded it and built it up to help our brothers and sisters, daughters and sons. NOW!

A chartered ship gives us the savety we need to start quickly with the rescue as there is no need of a time-wasting change of ownership. All flag and security certificates will remain valid. With the detainment of such a ship governments would clearly state, that it is only about stopping the SAR of human beings. This in fact would be equivalent to a moral declaration of bankruptcy.

Join us now and lend a hand and help sending Sea-Eye 2 into the Search and Rescue Zone. Let the vessel rush to help people. Let us start right where European Governments fail. We are Europe. And our Europe saves.

About the Organisation:
Distress rescue on sea is a human right. It is enough to be human to have the right to be saved when life is in danger. Logically human duties derive from human rights and that is why Sea-Eye e.V. exists. Here is where we come in.
In the past 2 years our association was involved in 14.378* rescues. For an average donation of just 48 Euros we could help to save one human life.

* until July 2018

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