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Closed School scholarship for Mwanaisha, a deaf girl in Kenya!

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Nadine K. from Aid Kenya Watoto e.V.Write a message

Hello, I'm Mwanaisha.
Thanks to your donation via, I can go to a deaf school in Kenya and learn to life of my own. Thank you so much! 

A total of 25 children are waiting for a sponsor. This is the most effective way to change their world. 

What does this sponsorship mean? 
Through the partnership with Aid Kenya Watoto e.V., Mwanaisha and her classmates are given the opportunity to attend the school as a boarding school student. They get three meals a day, a school uniform, additional private clothes, in the school, books and teaching material as well as sportswear and shoes, clean water, a bed are placed. Shortly a place to feel at home. 

Costs: 25 euros / month 

For further questions, please contact our project coordinator Anna at

Watoto means 'children' in Kenyan

 To understand what our fundraising is about, let us give you some background about deafness in Kenya.

In Kenya, to be deaf is one of the worst hardships a child or adult can face. Some are never allowed to even interact with their community. Many are abandoned. Most are treated as incapable or having low IQs. The majority of the Deaf in Kenya are entirely ignored by their government, their education system, and their people.
 What’s more, imagine a life where you're in poverty and you can't communicate with another human being. You're cut off from the world. And, your deafness was actually preventable. You weren't born deaf. You were caused to go deaf. 
 Malaria immunization is the leading cause of infant deafness—a poor decision by a doctor taught by a poor healthcare system. First you’re deafened and then you’re ostracized for life. It wasn’t your choice.  And now your life is totally different for the worse.
 And what about school? Education is a powerful tool for bringing people out of poverty. Kenya recognizes that...except when it comes to the Deaf. School in Kenya costs money and precious time that could be spent working or raising a family. Unless you have the money for the tuition, school for a Deaf child is out of the question. Without even basic education, the child will grow up into adulthood not knowing how to connect or communicate with others.
 This is a reality for the nearly 600,000 deaf Kenyans. Over half a million people are either ignored, scorned or unprotected due to their disability, which in most cases was caused by preventable events.
 Aid Kenya Watoto is celebrating its 4th anniversary as an NGO in southern Kenya building schools for the deaf. Thanks to consistent work and a growing team, Aid Kenya Watoto continues to make progress. This year, the first all Deaf school for 25 full-time students will be opened. The government and several private businesses have made this possible. Ongoing sponsorships and donations from the public will make it a reality.

Thank you for your donation. Your actions count. What you do matters. We may not be able to give them their hearing, but we can give them a chance to learn at a school.

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