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KH Harambee - Children and young people with disabilities in Nairobi/Kenia

A project from Kinderhilfe Harambee e.V.
in Nairobi, Kenya

Therapy center for children / young people with disabilities / HIV in the slums of Nairobi / Kenya. Families in extreme poverty are humiliated by having a disabled child and human rights are disregarded. Education and medical care.

T. Richter
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About this project

According to aid agencies and the UN there are about 3 million people with intellectual and mental disabilities in Kenya. Most of them live in abject poverty.
Families who imprison their relatives, children who were thrown out of institutions, cases of suspected sexual abuse. Kenya is facing a wave of neglection and indifference.
However researches also depict families who are fighting tirelessly for their disabled relatives’ justice. They only receive little help from the Government and are expelled from society.
The Kenyan Constitution is talking about rights for people with disabilities, which these are not informed about.
Every day many cases of neglect and abuse occur: autistic children chained to chicken coops, adults with epilepsy, profoundly disabled children locked up in filthy huts, daughters who were raped by their own fathers.
The biggest challenge is the lack of access to basic needs such as health and education. The education system in Kenya is far from suitable for the disabled and the issue of disability is still a taboo. A challenge for our work is the rate of abuse of children with disabilities which is particularly high. People with disabilities are often victims of violence, there is still a lot of informing needed.
The first step, a well-functioning therapy center for profoundly disabled children, is already done. The centre not only provides medical care and therapy, but also a healthy and regularly diet for the children. Positive changes can already be seen after a short time. Stronger bodies can implement therapies better.
Since parents are probably the best therapists, our day center is managed exclusively by the mothers of our children with disabilities. Also the mothers are given partial training by physiotherapists on how the children can be moved daily in exchange and can really benefit.
However, we are looking for sponsors and donors to support our project’s  monthly costs. In the future, we want to ensure that young people with disabilities are incorporated in labor conditions. We want sheltered workshops to come into being, so that disabled people can learn and receive training.. We are also working on a project of a nursing home / hospice for needy children with disabilities.