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An aid project by “BOS Deutschland e.V.” (D. Toteva) in Borneo, Indonesia

D. Toteva (Project Manager)

D. Toteva
BOS Germany e.V., a registered charitable NGO, has been known for many years for its work towards securing the survival of the last orang-utans in Borneo. Less well known is that BOS e.V. is also committed to the preservation of other animal species in Borneo.

Infact BOS has 52 sun bears in its care. These animals were, just like many orang-utans, simply brought to the BOS stations by the Indonesian Forestry Department who thus also handed over the problem of their care and maintenance to BOS.

The Bears (previously known in Europe as the "dancing bears") were confiscated from private homes where they were held illegally under often catastrophic circumstances, and, as described above, brought for lack of alternatives to BOS. Many animals were or are sick and / or disturbed and in need of intensive care. Sun bears learn quickly and adapt rapidly to their environment, leading unfortunately to the fact that they can no longer be released if they are older than 3 years and have lived until then in captivity. Life in a BOS enclosure is therefore their only hope for life under humane conditions.

Sun bears are nocturnal animals and must have plenty of shade during the day, which is not currently adequately provided. The plan is therefore to construct five small houses with a climbing frame built from so-called ironwood. Ironwood is an extremely hard wood, which would also serve as a scratching post for sharpening their claws. Since ironwood is under protection BOS will only use recycled wood from old buildings, which is being collected and sold to BOS by the locals.

Due to the urgency of the project we have already paid 3,462.00 EUR* to BOS Foundation, so that the coordinator of the project, Hery Estaman, and his team can get started with the construction works.
But we do need your help: Since BOS Indonesia – and us as the supporting sister organization – have no official funding for the upkeep of the Sun Bears, we are trying in this way to make their fate still bearable.

Please help us to do it!
* Exchange rate as of 16/09/2010

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Location: Borneo, Indonesia

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