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Weaker without Sneaker

N. Alexander
N. Alexander wrote on 26-02-2016

The Caribbean has become the forgotten child. Saint Lucia has the highest incidence of diabetes per capita in the world. And the Caribbean is the region with the most limb amputations outside a war zone. Throw in heart disease, drug & alcohol abuse , obesity and high levels of unemployment, paradise for many youngsters is more like hell than heaven!.

WEAKER without SNEAKER-Campaigners for Trainers

6 out of 10- No shoes we lose

Knee socks but no Reebok's
Nike's 4all Mikey's
Puma in Luma
Nice Kicks 4our Chicks
Curridas my Adidas
Any for many?
Need cleat to be complete

Lets Converse today - Hoorah!.

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We are a legally registered not for profit charity, economically, politically independent, non denominational organization based in Saint Lucia, West Indies  and  see ourselves as a catalyst for change . We act as a bridge between social and youth development and sport, working with a range of local and international organizations to impact positively on our disenfranchised youth.  

We have programmes in Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Grenada, Antigua and Tobago.

Every 6 kids out of 10 in our programs have no shoes.

Our Weaker without Sneaker campaign target for 2016, is to get 1200 pairs of ‘sports’ footwear (new or hardly used) donated.


WEAKER without SNEAKER- shoe drive
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