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Ueber den Tellerrand kochen Koeln e.V. - On the same level

Meeting eye-to-eye on the same level trough cooking events in Cologne

Jana E. from Über den Tellerrand kochen Köln e.V.Write a message

As a satellite project we want to establish a place in Cologne where people can meet and connect. Doing that, we promote the formation of a more tolerant and open society.

We are people from all over the world who cook together several times a month and meet each other eye-to-eye.
Inspired by the Berlin club "Über den Tellerrand GmbH" we want to create a space for meetings between refugees and natives in Cologne. We all share the joy of cooking and of exchanging between different cultures.

The common shopping, preparing and cooking is primarily a cultural exchange and offers refugees and are natives the opportunity to make friends. It does not matter where one comes from and what he does, all participants meet at eye level and complete the tasks together. The much-discussed issue of asylum is thus illuminated from a completely different perspective.

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