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Closed Let's bring handball to Bolivia!

Sucre, Bolivia

Help me make handball popular in Bolivia. Support my voluntary year at a Bolivian school where I help the students in their everyday school - life by supporting them in school and with homework.

Marvin N. from DRK in Hessen Volunta gGmbH
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Have you ever heard of a Bolivian handball-team? No? - me neither. But that is hopefully about to change soon.
After becoming the European champion in handball recently a huge handball euphoria was perceptible throughout Germany. I want to contribute my part to make handball more popular in other countries outside Europe, too.
On August 1st I begin my gap year to do volunteer work in the social sector in Bolivia as a pedagogical assistant at a school in Sucre. There I organize help with homework and do day care for the school children.
I would like to take that opportunity to organize and introduce handball at the school, in order to make this great sport more popular.
Playing handball myself on a high level (a supra-regional league in north-east Germany) I got to know handball as one of the greatest sports, not only for strengthening reasons, but also as a medium for cooperation and social exchange.
Of course I am not only a “German-Handball- diplomat", and furthermore this social project is a lot more complex.
As a pedagogical assistant I support Bolivian children from that school area in their every day school life.
For that reason I need your help and support.
If you are as interested in handball as I am, and moreover maybe have some "coins" left for handball worldwide, I would like to kindly ask for help and support for my social project, please.