Help a family rebuild their damaged home by fire

An aid project by N. Kotsakis in LAVRION, Greece

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N. Kotsakis (Project Manager)

N. Kotsakis
At 17th July a big fire started at Lavrio, a state near Athens. The house of a friend was burnt down. As you can see in the provided photos the house is in total need of reimbursement. Unfortunately my friend and his family cannot afford the renovation of their home. I already collected some funds from friends, family and colleagues but those are not enough.
The ceiling has to be rebuild from scratch, as there is real danger to fall down, the windows, the doors and the floor have to change and the bathroom needs to be remade as it is fully damaged. The only thing that made it through fire was a robin closet (cannot tell the brand, but I think you know it) but the rest furniture, family's clothes and books have been totally burnt.
The funds (7.125 euro) I already collected have been used to fix some rooms (the kitchen and the living-room mostly), where the family (my friend, his wife, their two children and his mother in law) lives now. Some funds have also be used to help the family buy some clothes and some kitchen equipment, so that they prepare their meals.
My friend has spent any single penny he got to support his family at this difficult point, but still it was not enough. He really suffers right now and I need to make something for him.
The rest of the house should get rebuild quickly as the winter is coming and the children should have their room to study etc. They also need a bathroom quick, because now they have to use public toilets and friends bathtubs.
I would appreciate if you could help me to help them rebuild their home. We could make five people feel happy again.

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Location: LAVRION, Greece

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