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Reforestation and Environmental Education in Bolivia

Sucre, Bolivia

Reforestation and Environmental Education in Bolivia

Sucre, Bolivia

Trees contribute fundamentally to our ecosystem and thereby to our survival and wellbeing. Therefore I am working in a reforestation project in Bolivia (CEJ). The sponsoring/responsible organisation is Volunta (The Red Cross).

Lena L. from DRK in Hessen Volunta gGmbH | 
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About this project

I don't want to say “sorry”.

When I was studying for my oral exam in English last year I came upon the video “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” ( by Prince Ea. In the video “The Prince” explains to the future generations that he is sorry for leaving the earth for them in a terrible, almost uninhabitable state. Then, suddenly, he stops talking about what he is sorry for and corrects himself because we actually haven't reached this point yet! We still have the opportunity to change something!

And this is exactly what I have made my mission!
I want to plant trees and raise awareness of the fact that we can fight for justice and against poverty but all this won't help when our ecosystem collapses because then none of us will be able to survive anymore.

So I started looking for a suitable project and discovered the nonprofit organisation Centro Ecológico Juvenil – Ecological Youth Center – (CEJ) in Bolivia, 30km from the capital Sucre.
About the project: Since 1990 people have been working on reforestation in the community of Cajamarca. Over the past years the soil has become more fertile and the amount of drinking water that is being gathered in the area has doubled. According to international data the amount of CO² being bound in the region of Cajamarca adds up to about 100.000 tons per year.
For more information, please visit:

Why Bolivia? Because I also want to learn another language and get to know a different view of the world and of life in general. I want to question the world I grew up in and look for my own truths.

I applied for the weltwärts program which is a program for young voluntary workers supported by the German state. But not all the costs are covered which is why the voluntary workers are asked to find sponsors to help with the monthly living costs of 245€ per month. For one year this adds up to 2940€.

You don't want to say “sorry” either but don't have time to plant trees yourself? Then become a sponsor of my work which will contribute to the wellbeing of all of us! In return I will write about my experiences during the following year on my blog Most of the articles are going to be in German (at least as long as most of my readers are German ;-) ) but if there are English-speaking people, I am going to write about my experiences in English as well. Furthermore I plan to have a presentation about my stay when I'm back in Freiburg, although it is probably also going to be in German, too. I will inform you about the dates as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your support!
Updated at 18. September 2020