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Sick/injured cats and dogs do need your help and ask for your support

Almendralejo, Spain

'Friends for Dogsis supporting an animal shelter in Almendralejo on the Spanish mainland and 'Tiertafel' in Unna. For medical treatment of the cats and dogs we do need your support.

Nicole B. from Friends for Dogs e.V. | 
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About this project

'Friends for Dogs' is supporting an animal shelter in Almendralejo on the Spanish mainland. Furthermore we try to help with the 'Tiertafel' in Unna, to help people with little income, so they are able to keep their four-footed friends in their families and do not need to bring them to a shelter.

In Almendralejo/Spain public relations aquire great significance. Cooperation with schools, campaigns against animal exploitation, exhibitions to prevent cruelty to animals and much more must bring handling animals in perspective. Regrettably, there is a long way to go still.

It is also of great importance, to prevent new animal misery by castration. Again and again cubs are taken away from their mothers and left to themselves. Food for those cubs is needed almost constantly. Unfortunately the costs for this food are not covered by the budget of the shelter. It completely depends on gifts. Also needed is canned food for some of the full-grown dogs. Usually the dogs are getting dry food and bread. But there are always dogs, which are stressed by the life in the shelter, they get skin problems, suffer from diarrhoea and get very thin. To give those poor animals a little extra energy, they receive canned food. But the cans also can not be bought on the budget, so feeding those dogs properly is depending on gifts too.

We are a very small non-profit organisation (we started in march 2014 as a private organisation, and since June 2015 we are an association), and it is very hard for us to finance everything that needs to be financed. For example, the medical costs for all the animals are not yet financed. For medical treatment of the cats and dogs we do need your support. Please help us to pay for the costs of the veterinary surgeon, and help us to keep the animals healthy.
Updated at 18. March 2020