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Africachild Village, a place for young mothers and their babies

Kwale, Kenya

Africachild-Village is a small village for children and their offended young mothers which most himself still children. We need urgent aid to continue the village.

M. Kurz from Africachild e.V.
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Africachild Village is a small village for young, banished mothers and their children. We need your urgent help, so that we can continue to run the village. 

Why young mothers and their children?

The young mothers are generally victims of rape (in many cases, incestual rape) or prostitution and have few future prospects with their children. As they are still children themselves, they lack the knowledge, skills and means to secure a life for themselves and their children. As they are unmarried, they are banished from their families. 

What exactly is Africachild Village?

Africachild Village covers 6000 m² near the coast of Kenya, ina  region called Kwale. It consists of simle round huts for sleeping and living, one communal hut, a kitchen, a laundry hut and a Babycare hut. The young women are given guidance and psychological support by two social workers on site and the medical attention they need. All of their basic needs are provided for. Additionally, they are called upon to value themselves as women and mothers, and given aid in training for simple jobs that will suffice to provide a living for a small family (such as cleaning, cooking, sewing or working in hotels). Currently 18 mothers and 18 children reside in Africachild Village.

What are the aims of Africachild Village?

 Firstly, we want to provide a safe place for despairing young pregnant women and young mothers. They should feel safe and be well-cared for. At the same time, they receive training so that they will be able to provide for themselves and their children independently in future. In cooperation with a hotel, a hairdresser’s and a tailor’s shop, the young women prepare to care for themselves and, in the best-case scenario, be re-integrated into their families. We think it is important to include Kenyan government agencies and to emply Kenyan social workers and helpers, who are then coordinated from Germany. 

What do we do with donations?

As mentioned above, we need monetary support to ensure the continued existence of Africachild Village. The costs of running the Village are approximately 6000 Euro/month. As there are hardly ever any vacancies in the Village, we want to expand our project to include more villages for educational purposes. Read more about this and view pictures on our homepage: