Closed BIG SMILE to HIV/AIDS Infected In Thailand

An aid project by “Kidhome” (B. Better World) in Nongmung, Thailand

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B. Better World (Project Manager)

B. Better World
Welcome to BIG SMILE!
BIG SMILE is about bringing more love and care with kindness to HIV/AIDS infected in Thailand. More than one million Thais are affected with AIDS/HIV and the rate was rapidly increasing 14 years ago. Most sufferers were shunned by an ill-informed Society and were cast aside and left die excruciating deaths. In 1992, Chao Khun Phra Udom Prachatorn founded the''Thammarug Niwate Project'' or ''Place of true Protection''. He has humanely help those who are affected, showing compassion and understanding, as should all Buddhists, so that we all can live together in peace and harmony.
Please send your contribution for children and AIDS/HIV patients.

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Location: Nongmung, Thailand

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  • Uploaded at 09-09-2010