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Pizza Lab

Leipzig, Germany

Pizza Lab is a charitable vegan pizza restaurant in Leipzig. The profits are invested into local projects and events that focus on sustainability and ecology.

G. Wild from Zipfel e.V.
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Pizza Lab is reopening! The popular vegan pizza place in Georg-Schwarz-Straße, Leipzig Lindenau returns as a charity project. Bar and kitchen will be run by volunteers and profits will be used to fund free events and local projects revolving around sustainability, ecology, resilience, veganism and related topics. There will be around 400 to 500 € available for that cause at first, hopefully more in the future.

Before that we need to compensate the initial expenses though. With your donation you can accelerate this process and make it possible to have interesting events and support for local projects earlier.

For orientation:
Without any donations we expect to even out our balance until November.
With 500€ this would already happen in October
With 1500€ in August / September
With 3000€ we could almost start right away :-)

Apart from financial support we are also inviting volunteers from Leipzig who are willing to contribute some of their time to keep the place running or organize events. The community of people involved in the Pizza Lab will every month together decide how the profits should be spent in the following month.

Of course, if you neither have time nor money to give away you can always support by coming around and eating delicious handcrafted vegan pizza :)