Closed Restoring Water Sources in Charsadda (Pakistan)

An aid project by “proLoka” (J. Steiner) in Charsadda, Pakistan

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J. Steiner (Project Manager)

J. Steiner
proLoka is working in Pakistan since the earthquake in Kashmir (2005). While carrying out long term projects just half an hour away from Charsadda (in a less affected region), we are able to provide emergency relief with a sustainable outlook as well. Each family compound normally has access to a water well. Due to the mud transported with the floods and the infiltrating bacteria, many wells have become unusable for drinking water. While they are still used for livestock in some places, the water poses a serious health risk to people.

About 3 wells can be restored in a day, each costing roughly 500 Euro.

The proLoka Team is working voluntarily, all administrative overhead costs are covered by the organization. All donations go 100% to the destined project. The proLoka team has lived in Pakistan for more than two years, projects are always executed with a local partner organisation.

The project website for ournetwork based donations to Pakistan is

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Location: Charsadda, Pakistan

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