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Sustainable support for small-scale farmers in India

Madanapalle, India

Many farmers in India face a hopless situation, thousands have already commited suicide, leaving families without any perspective The project aims to help smal-scale farmers to adapt to climate change using sustainable methods like agroforestry.

Monja M. from Technik ohne Grenzen e.V. | 
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About this project

The situation on the ground is deteriorating. One reason for this is the strict measures of the Indian government against COVID19 , because under the restrictions many farmers can no longer cultivate their fields and currently have no income at all.
On the other hand, the drought situation is becoming more and more critical. On the demonstration farm and the surrounding farms, the water for the animals must now be supplied by tanker truck. Irrigation is no longer possible, which together with the effects of Corona means financial ruin for the farmers.
It is therefore all the more important to install rainwater collection systems in as many places as possible before the next rainy season and to switch to water-saving cultivation.

Madanapalle is located in the South of India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is an important center for agricultural products and famous for tomatoes, mangos, groundnuts and silk. Many farmers in the area suffer from different causes: Climate change has a negative impact on the already arid climate with increasingly absent rainfalls. Moreover, big agrochemical companies become more and more influential, pushing famers into a vicious circle of debt by making them dependent on hybrid seeds and expensive pesticides. Many farmers have already committed suicide, leaving their familes without any perspective.  

The increasing use of chemicals in agriculture as well as the lack of awareness regarding the importance of healthy ecosystems and biodiversity have led to serious environmental problems, such as soil degradation, pollution and contaminated drinking water - negatively affecting human health and livelihoods. 

The project, that is carried out together with the local NGO 'Movement for Rural Emancipation' aims to demonstrate more sustainable methods to farmers that are well adapted to the climate and needs of the people. By using water more efficiently and implementing fruit bearing trees into the fields yields can be increased substantially.