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Closed We will stay! Roma fight against their deportation from Germany

In May 2016, about 70 Roma threatened by deportation and some supporters occupied the memorial for Sinti and Rroma in Berlin to raise awareness for their situation. Most went underground and now need urgent support!

E. Ghamsharick from Roma Center Göttingen e.V.Write a message

On Sunday May 22, 2016, 70 Roma who were threatened with deportation, sat in at the Berlin Monument for the Sinti and Roma who were murdered during the rule of the Nazis. The Roma, along with some supporters, took this action to bring attention to the increasing discrimination and mass deportations to so called safe countries of origin.

The demonstrators demanded to spend one night at this monument which was dedicated to their forefathers. After long negotiation with politicians and the Chairman of the foundation in charge of the Sinti Roma Memorial, the police violently removed the Roma demonstrators at midnight. On Monday [13 June] at 11 a.m. there was a press conference. "We have been pushed around for 700 years. We have never had rights and I don't think we ever will."

The Roma came to Berlin from every corner of Germany. Since the sit-in, they tried many ways to bring attention to their situation, demonstrations, forums etc. Since they have gone underground, and don't get any sort of state welfare they are dependent on donations from supporters and sympathizers.

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