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A Life Worth Living³ get strong together – to reinvent onelife

Farm for families with sick or disabled children. Temporary home for young people struggling with addictions or other issues. Home for old or homeless animals.

R. Graß from Lebenswert³Write a message

A Life Worth Living¹ - Farm for families with sick or disabled children.
A Life Worth Living² - Temporary home for young people struggling with addictions or other issues.
A Life Worth Living³ - Home for old or homeless animals.

This project is a one-of-a-kind here in Germany. We have already experienced on the Marie Seeger Farm, that this combination of people living together with animals really helps in restoring strength and perspective.

1. Families with sick or disabled children: Families, who have been taking care of their children at home for years, desperately need a time-out. A place for simply being a family, away from therapy and clinics. On our farm parents find peace and new strength. Children with disabilities are incorporated into the daily routines by our team and it is a real joy to see how much fun and relief they experience while interacting with the animals. For the brothers and sisters a holiday on our farm is an adventure! At last they are allowed to simply be kids and enjoy life without having their disabled brother or sister constantly in mind.

2. Temporary home for young people struggling with addictions or other issues: we take care of adolescents, who through difficult circumstances have lost their footing in life. While living together with disabled or sick guests, they soon discover the reality that, unlike their neighbours, they have the power to make decisions over their own lives. We have already witnessed wonderful changes taking place as a result of this. Also, having to feed and look after the animals, which are totally dependent on the young people for their food and shelter, is something that helps the young people to suddenly develop a sense of responsibility.

3. Home for old or homeless animals: Almost all of our animals come from animal welfare organisations, or they are given to us because the owner doesn't want to keep the animal any more. And most of our animals have their own issues too. Nevertheless they are a big help for the children and adolescents. They are grateful for every stroke and for every gentle or not-so-gentle show of affection. They are like a mirror for their counterpart and show up one's limitations. They are also wonderful listeners, especially because they never disagree or answer back.
Until now, all these things were possible and were taking place on the Marie Seeger Farm. But now, this wonderful property will be sold by its owners and we have had to give up our jobs on this property. But we are not planning to stop doing this very important work, because we know that there are still many families that need such a place to rest and recover, and there is still a long waiting list for the adolescents. That is why we need the help of many supporters so that this project can continue in a new place as soon as possible. We can't make it without your financial support. Thank you for helping A Life Worth Living to live on. Thank you for your donation!