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It isn't family without mom

With the help of the association „Herberge für Menschen auf der Flucht e. V.“ we want to bring two Syrian woman to Germany. This is legally possible thanks to a welcoming program of the city of Hamburg and your donation can make it happen.

Simone H. from Herberge für Menschen auf der Flucht e.V.Write a message

We often don’t see the importance of our only family until we loose it.
Nour fled roughly a year ago with his two brothers from the ISIL stronghold Raqqa to Germany. Meanwhile his mother Fatimah and his sister Zeneb are still trapped in between war and violence. Cut off from their family they lack even the most essential supplies such as food and healthcare. The brothers were left with the choice – either fighting for a despot against their own people or fleeing the county.
Left with these options it is easy to understand that they decided for life over the prospect of killing. Though the price they had to pay for it was tremendous. They had to leave their family behind, since their mother suffering from a severe heart condition and their sister would most likely not have survived the journey by boat and through the Balkan route.
After arriving in Germany hopes where high on a family reunion. A hope that was quickly shattered by the fact that the brothers were considered too old.

I have known Nour for 10 months. He used to be our neighbor, when we founded the “Kleiderkammer” (a clothing store to supply refugees with cloths) in Hamburg Congress Centre. The project is one of the biggest volunteer projects in Germany since the Second World War. Nour was right from the beginning a driving force of the project. He would show remarkable commitment without ever asking anything back. Today he is like a son to me. In spring he started a German language course and currently does a voluntary social year for the children’s aid. Before this he had already worked for several months in clothing stores for refugees, homeless and women’s centers. Nonetheless I see the sorrow in his eyes and many times he will cry longing for his family. I feel how much he is suffering from the separation and I know that he has even considered returning. A return would mean being forced to fight for ISIL or to die under the bombardment by government troops.

So far I could hold him back by promising to do everything in my power to help rescuing his mother and sister from Syria. Please help me to keep this promise before he looses all hope.

The association „Herberge für Menschen auf der Flucht e. V.“ (shelter for people on filght) will help us with this. Within the scope of a welcoming program by the city of Hamburg we want to bring the two women on a save path to Germany. For this we will need your support. The three brother will unfortunately need some time before the can financially support their mother and sister. And as long as the request for asylum for the two women is not granted they are not allowed to work.

With your donation we can give a future to the family and ensure a basic supply in food, cloths and a place to stay. Thank you.

P.S. Since the two women are still in Syria we hope you understand that we could not risk mentioning their family name or showing their pictures.

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