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New costumes for Team United Angels

A project from Förderverein United Angels Synchroneiskunstlauf eV
in Stuttgart, Germany

All those wonderful impressions created by the sport of synchronized skating originate from things like performance, dedication and of course from impressive costumes. Team United Angels needs new costumes for the new season and your support.

Marlies B.
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About this project

The season 2019/2020 has ended due to the corona pandemic, season 2020-2021 has been canceled and then new season just begun and first inquiries for performances at shows have been received by the team already. New programs and music with different themes require new costumes annually, to impress with performances at shows and competitions.

Each skater therefore needs two new tailor-made costumes since proper costumes in required number can't be purchased as off-the-shelf articles.

To support the skaters financially and rather make one additional competition possible, this project was founded.