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M.G. SANCTUARY - we build a sanctuary for our romanian animals

Sanctuary, street dogs, adoption, help

E. Haferkamp from Helping PawsWrite a message

We are a young charity and our aim, working together with you, is to support M.G. Rescue and Mihai’s work in Romania. Mihai is a young man who has studied veterinary medicine and has devoted his life to the lost animal souls in and around Bucharest.

There are so many ways to help, even if it's just inviting a few good friends or perhaps gathering sponsorships.

We also offer sponsorships for all of our animals so that we can buy the food they need in the shelter. We have also set up an urgently needed Medicine Fund, because many of our dogs come to us in a very bad way and they need immediate medical care

We want to make M.G. Sanctuary a reality. It started with a dream, with an idea, with a vision - and now it a reality. A plot of land outside Bucharest has been bought and our construction activities are in full swing.

M.G. Sanctuary will be a shelter for the dogs rescued by M.G. Rescue, with solid accommodation, kennels with outdoor enclosures and with a clinic, treatment and feeding rooms.

As Mihai is a newly qualified Vet, we are planning to carry out neutering projects in the near future.

We will also be building a kind of petting zoo, the aim of which is to bring not only local people, but adults and children with disabilities, closer to animals. We feel it is extremely important to show them all that they need have no fear of the animals. We want to show them how to handle them properly, so that they can experience positive interactions with them.

All our dogs are at present in makeshift accommodation, for which we have to pay for rent and leases. The dogs are living together in confined spaces with mostly inadequate conditions. We want to help change that.

Let’s make this dream come true together. We want to have YOU with us, because WE NEED YOU!

We look forward to and welcome any questions you may have about Mihai, the Sanctuary, about animal welfare and our work in general.

We would be delighted if you would like to support us.