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Fiona goes South Africa - support my volunteer project

Soweto, South Africa

COPESSA (Community-based Prevention and Empowerment Strategies in South Africa) is a community based organisation whose reason for being is the prevention of child abuse and neglect. During my stay as a volunteer I will be doing fundraising.

Hannah Cholewa from South African German Network e.V. (SAGE Net)
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Hi, my name is Fiona, I am 25 years old and live in Darmstadt, Germany. After finishing my Masters in educational studies I decided to take up a total new challenge. From September 2016 on I will volunteer for an entire year in a social project in South Africa. That means: break down the tents, muster all my courage and start the adventure. Therefore I will need your support!

I get this awesome opportunity within the scope of the program “weltwärts”: the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development in Germany supports volunteers worldwide with bearing 75% of the incurred costs. I am responsible for the missing 25%, which I now try to procure by fundraising. The German-South African organization Sage NET coordinates the deployment of young adults to social and ecological projects all over South Africa and provides support for my stay in Soweto, Johannesburg. And now you are coming into play: I need your support and every cent that you are willing to invest in a truly succeeding and useful project.

I will be working in the project COPESSA (Community-based Prevention and Empowerment Strategies in South Africa). It is a child abuse prevention initiative, which is working with a holistically concept together with children as well as adults. The objective is to empower communities and break the circle of abuse. Part of it are community development projects, medical services, as counselling, group therapy, play therapy for victims and their families as well as research and training. My task will be fundraising for financing the project.

From the first second on I was falling in love with this project and I cannot wait to start. So be part of this great initiative and support my commitment with your donation!

A thousand thanks to all my supporters!

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