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We make a magazine together – colourful, loud, intercultural!

A project from Cameo Kollektiv e.V.
in Hannover, Germany

The Cameo Kollektiv e.V. builds networks with creative people of any origin. In Hanover, people with and without forced migration backgrounds work closely together on the contents of our 'Cameo Magazine – Arrival'.

C. Ludwig
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About this project

In the daily media coverage refugees are normally being talked about, rather than being talked with. We, the Cameo Kollektiv e.V. build networks with creative people of any origin. We are convinced that exchange and communication are the key to powerful communities. That is exactly what we strive to show with our Cameo magazine „Arrival“.

At present, we are working on our third issue which will be presented along with a new idea: People with and without forced migration backgrounds work closely together on the contents. The focus is especially on topics dealing with „arrival“. Whether local or newcomer, everybody in the Hanover region who is interested to get involved in the project is welcome to participate. We say: Every contribution counts! Whether report, photo or poem – everthing shall have its place.

In the beginning, we organise workshops on creative writing, photography and media skills. Then, we enter the crucial phase: Over a period of three months we work both individually and in teams on the different topics. The participants will be supported by the eight members of the intercultural editorial team which consists of both professionals as well as lay people. Eventually, the team will take care of the final editing to create a multi-faceted magazine.

Last but not least, we intend to build an online platform on the basis of the collected experiences which helps us to transfer the project to other German regions. Creative minds shall thus be given the chance to network nationwide.

In order to realise these plans we need your support! Even the smallest donation helps to cover costs which incur for our editorial office, workshops and work material. Again:

Every contribution counts!

Please find more information on the project as well as our published editions at