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Feeding program for malnourished children in Kisumu

Kisumu, Kenya

Waridi Kenya e.V. is funding a feeding program in collaboration with the Kenyan organization Garden of Hope. At four locations 150-200 children receive a nutritious meal and medical care each Saturday. Most of them are orphans.

G. Lingenfelser-Lutz from Waridi Kenya e.V.
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In July 2015, Waridi Kenya e.V. launched a feeding program for 30 children in Kisumu, Kenya in collaboration with the local organization Garden of Hope. All children are living in the slum belt of Kisumu, especially in the slums Nyalenda, Manyatta and Obunga. People there live in shacks without electricity, water or sanitation. Infrastructure is virtually non-existent. Anyone who lives in one of the slums, is surrounded by disease, violence and death. During the past year we continued to expand our project to more rural areas. Now every Saturday 30-50 children are given a nutritious meal of rice and different vegetables at three additional locations. We were able to find local women and men who support us in our efforts. We are always striving to use existing resources and seek local partnerships.

The children, often orphans, are malnourished and neglected. Through our nutrition project, they receive a nutrient-rich meal consisting of rice and various vegetables. In the slums a local church provides its premises, which offer enough space for the children to play. In the rural villages, we are utilizing existing facilities for our feeding program. In addition, children are regularly examined by a doctor and if sick they receive treatment. Every 3 months the children are given deworming medicine. Additionally, it is very important to us to use the gatherings to educate mothers on topics such as breastfeeding and healthy nutrition, as well as to transfer essential knowledge to the children on topics such as sanitation.