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Funded Sing together! A choir for all people of Cologne

"Zusammen Singen - Ein Chor für alle Kölner*innen" (A choir for all people of Cologne) is for people who live in Cologne and like to sing together. It addresses people who regardlesse of differences in cultural or social background or religion.

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What do we do?
"Zusammen Singen - Ein Chor für alle Kölner*innen" (Singing together - A choir for all people of Cologne) is for people (aged 18 and above) who live in Cologne and want to sing together. It addresses people of Cologne who have different cultural and social backgrounds, as well as refugees living in Cologne.

Our intercultural choir wants to create a space for encounters between people, regardless of their origin, religion, or education. Music is a language that connects people without having to understand the words. Music is the bridge that brings people who maybe don't have the best of connections closer to each other.

Why do we need support?

Our goal is not only to organise weekly rehearsals, but to create a holistic professional experience / program. In addition to improving the choir's ability to sing through choir rehearsals, we want to give choir members the opportunity to get to know each other, to get together and to build mutual understanding. Therefore, there are additional offers for team formation, intercultural sensitivity and participatory workshops. The organisation and coordination to support the participants as much as possible requires many resources - investment of time, energy and necessary financial means.
Therefore, we rely on donations to carry out our work full of energy and motivation.

To make music together, to live together instead of side by side, those are the main aims of our project.

Our project receives a partial financial support from the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

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