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Closed mobile hospital for Syria / Rojava / northern Iraq / Shengal

A project from CADUS e.V.
in Mossul, Iraq

mobile hospital for Syria / Rojava and Shengal in northern Iraq

S. Jünemann
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About this project

Over the last few months has the Turkish border been closed for Syrian refugees to escape, in the meanwhile the situation in Syria getting worse day by day.
In 2016 alone, 11 hospitals were destroyed during the fights between the different fractions and the health infrastructure after five years of civil war is almost non-existent. Since 2014, Cadus is working in Syria in the northern Syrian part of Rojava. There we have trained paramedics and physiotherapist, supplied spare parts for medical equipment, conducted hygiene courses in Refugee camps, and supported the local authorities in vaccination campaigns. We are currently in the process of building a mobile hospital for this particular region since it is overshadowed by the defensive struggle against the self-proclaimed Islamic State. The mobile hospital will contain one operating room and ten residential treatment centers that can operate where others can not work anymore.

The hospital will be the central point for our training efforts on the ground. Doctors, paramedics, and nurses will collaborate with staff of Cadus in this hospital, and also will utilize the facilities for advanced training. It is designed to be able to work autonomously for several weeks. The hospital comprises three all-wheel trucks, which transport the necessary equipment. In order to accomplish the mobility and autoimmunity of the hospital, we are exploring different concepts in cooperation with companies and university to ensure the access to solar power, water purification, and telemedicine.

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