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Our Rescue Shelter in Romania needs urgent help!

Judeful Calarasi Fundulea, Romania

Our Shelter in Romania where we save dogs who were abused, abandoned, mistreated or in killing stations, needs urgent repairs so we can keep the dogs save. In addition, we are searching for a new shelter building or a property where we can move to.

Conny Belz from Hoffnungshunde e.V.
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Dear animal lovers,

Since 2015 we support a private shelter in Romania, to save dogs who were abused, abandoned, mistreated or in killing stations.
Unfortunately, this shelter building is in a very bad condition but this currently the only option we have to save these dogs from being slaughtered and killed in the most horrifying way.

At the moment we are able to accommodate the dogs in this shelter, but the condition of the building is very bad and it is also not sure that we can stay there.

Therefore, we urgently need your help!

We need to make necessary repairs to ensure that the dogs are protected and save in the current shelter and that they can be cared for. In addition, there are ongoing veterinary costs as well as the costs for the dog sitters, who are on site 24/7 to protect the dogs.

Our goal is to find a new shelter as soon as possible or to buy a property or a hall that we can renovate or expand so that we can rescue the dogs from these miserable killing stations and save them from a painful death.

Please help!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us!
You can reach us at Facebook @hoffnungshunde, by email at or via our website

We appreciate all your help to save these little souls!
Many many thanks!