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An aid project by “Commit2Africa” (c. clover) in Belo, Cameroon

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c. clover (Project Manager)

c. clover
Commit2Africa is a registered UK charity, dedicated to helping children and young people in Africa gain access to education.

Karine is 20 years old and lives in Cameroon. Her father died years ago and her mother suffers from poor mental health. Due to this, Karine never had the means to attend secondary school, or to gain an education.

She is five months pregnant now, and has no means to support herself or her child.

She desperately wants to train to become a seamstress. She could earn a good living from this, but she does not have any money to pay for her training.

This amount will pay for one year of her three year course.

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Location: Belo, Cameroon

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